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NSB12.5 Bypass Separator 6940 sqm

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Engineered specifically for separating hydrocarbons and silts from surface water, Oaklands Environmental provide the ideal solution. The bypass separator is an excellent choice for drainage areas with an acceptable or low risk of contamination up to 10,000 sqm. The lightweight and robust range is available in 8 sizes and offers a removable filter to allow easier access for cleaning.

The NSB12.5 Bypass Separator is suitable to be installed in drainage areas up to 6940 sqm. Class 1 Bypass Separator

Key Applications:

  • Lightly contaminated commercial areas
  • Surface car park areas
  • Roadways

NSB12.5 Data Sheet

Delivery to England mainland and Wales only.

Full Description

Installing Oaklands Environmental bypass separators provide the ideal solution for effective stormwater management. The bypass separator range is engineered to limit high levels of hydrocarbons and silts in rainwater and prevent from entering natural bodies of water. It is a suitable choice for areas with low risk of contamination. Tried and tested for 18 months at a prominent European facility, they are proven to reduce hydrocarbons in surface water less than 1 mg/liter.

High levels of hydrocarbon concentration in rainwater can cause negative, ecological consequences. Improving water quality is crucial for sustainable water management as it reduces the risks of damaging ecosystems. Accessing the levels of hydrocarbons in rainwater helps when understanding the impact human activity has on the water cycle.

Key Benefits:

- Easy to install
- Long term cost-savings
- Durable, rotationally molded HDPE
- Environmental compliance
- Prevention of contamination
- Protects ecosystems

In summary a bypass separator is an important component in effective stormwater management. Installing one ensures compliance with environmental regulation by limiting the levels of hydrocarbons and silts in natural bodies of water. The use of a bypass separator also generates long-term cost savings and promotes responsible stormwater management.

Technical Specification

Height (mm): 2550

Diameter: 1260

Product Details: Nominal Size (mm): 12.5 Hydrocarbon Retention (ltre): 187.5

Material: Polyethelene, HDPE

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