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600mm Unperforated Twinwall Plain End Pipe (1.5m)

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Available in various lengths, this 600mm twinwall pipe can be used in a range of drainage applications.

• Benefits
• Easy to handle
• Quick to install
• Suitable for use on almost all soil conditions
• Pipes can be easily cut on site

Full Description

The 600mm Unperforated Twinwall Plain End Pipe is a high-quality drainage pipe designed for use in a variety of applications. This pipe has a diameter of 600mm and is 1.5 meters in length, making it suitable for use in both residential and commercial projects.

The pipe is made from a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, which provides excellent durability and resistance to weather and environmental conditions. The twinwall design of the pipe provides added strength and rigidity, making it less likely to buckle or collapse under heavy loads.

Unperforated land drain is used for distributing surface water, these pipes have no holes; they are used to redirect water to a watercourse such as a stream, river, water tank or soakaway.


•600mm drainage pipe for surface water collection and distribution
• 600mm twinwall couplers or fittings are required to join two lengths of pipe together.
• This pipe is rigid, and not flexible.
• Manufactured from HDPE


• Easy to handle and weighs less than concrete pipe.
• Quick to install, reducing plant and labour costs.
• Design prevents silt accumulation.
• Pipes can be cut easily on site using conventional hand tools, but should be cut square between corrugations.
• Suitable for use on almost all soil conditions.

Technical Specification

Diameter: 600mm

Pipe Type: Unperforated

Length (mm): 1.5m

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