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Accesso TRIO 600mm Inspection Chamber to suit 225mm Twinwall

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£618.18 (£515.15 ex VAT)
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£618.18 (£515.15 ex VAT)

This 600mm diameter inspection chamber is designed for direct connection to three different structured wall pipe systems of 225mm, without the use of expensive adaptors. Hence the name TRIO! 

 Product Data Sheet

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Full Description

The TRIO range features 5 depth options from 1m to 3m and the base can be purchased separately.

Factory built inspection chambers, delivered to site as single piece units, ready to install, with no assembly required.

All chambers feature a durable, impact resistant, rota moulded base, which has the unique ability to connect to three different 225mm structured pipe systems - UltraRib, Polysewer and Marley Quantum.


• Unique base design that accepts 3 different 225mm structured pipe systems - UltraRib, Polysewer & Marley Quantum
• Reducers are available to connect to 150mm UltraRib, Polysewer & Marley Quantum and 160mm EN1401 single wall pipe
• Rota Moulded LLDPE base - chemical and impact resistant
• Base and five standard depths available
• Stepped base - 53mm step from side to main channel, to meet DCG requirement for Adoptable Sewers
• Restriction Cap available to reduce access to 320mm to comply with DCG - Design & Construction Guidelines for deeper chambers
• Reduction Cap available
• Access shafts are easily cut onsite to required depth
• Chambers can be installed in granular backfill

Technical Specification

Weight (kg): 24kg-61kg

Inlet/Outlet: 2 x 225mm side inlet

Inlet Invert: 993mm-2943mm

Depth (mm): 1045mm-2995mm

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