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6 Person Clearwater BioAir 2 Sewage Treatment Plant (Pumped outlet)

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£2,385.60 (£1,988.00 ex VAT)
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This cost-effective BioAir sewage treatment plant by Clearwater (CW2) offers an excellent solution to waste water treatment for domestic properties such as homes, small offices and farms.

With a lightweight, robust design, this tank is easy to install and has a low visual impact once in place. Using sophisticated aerated technology, the water is discharged to a high quality level. 

This BioAir 2 comes with a pumped outlet discharge, which means there are more options available regarding the location of installation. This is due to the pump being able to push the discharge against gravity to a higher point. 

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Full Description

This 6 person BioAir sewage treatment plant by Clearwater offers exceptional performance by using superior aeration technology. It provides a cost-effective solution to the processing of wastewater for a variety of applications. These include single and multiple homes, small offices, farms and barn conversions. Once installed, this tank has minimal visual impact, leaving it a discreet yet effective product.

This 6 person BioAir 2 by Clearwater comes with a pumped effluent outlet. It allows for greater flexibility in the location, as it can be installed in areas where gravity flow is not feasible. This includes low-lying regions or areas with uneven terrain. A pumped outlet tank will also ensure a consistent flow and minimise the risk of backups or overflows, making it low maintenance.

How does it work?
Investing in this BioAir 2 sewage treatment plant will allow you to remove contaminants from sewage and ensure that effluent water is removed effectively and efficiently. Clearwater BioAir sewage systems offer a modern alternative to other methods of sewage treatment.

There are 3 stages to the treatment process; aeration, settling phase and clear water extraction. The wastewater enters the tank and is filtered using high-performance aeration technology. The sludge then settles at the bottom of the tank, and the remaining clear water is extracted and drained in a soakaway or other drainage method

Technical Specification

No. of people: 6

Weight (kg): 170kg

Height (mm): 2105mm

Material: MDPE

Inlet Invert: 455-755mm

Depth (mm): 250mm

Daily Flow (m3/day): 0.9m3/d

Width (mm): 1540mm

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