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500 Series SILTBLOK - Silt Trap Chamber

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The 500 Series SILTBLOK features a 450mm diameter chamber and either 150mm or 225mm Twinwall main channel socket connections which can be determined upon installation.


  • Integral Filter Barrier
  • Removeable Basket
  • 450mm Chamber
  • 150/225mm Twinwall Connections
  • 965mm, 1475mm or 1885mm Invert
  • 1480mm, 1990mm or 2400mm Depth
  • Without Access Cover

Silt Block 500 Data Sheet 

Full Description

The SILTBLOK 500 is an innovative and unique silt management product, designed and tested to filter out TSS (Total Suspended Solids), including silt to 30μm (0.03mm).

The SILTBLOK’s core technology is extremely eco friendly, using a 100% recycled thermoplastic material, formed into a macro porous/micro porous block or (BLOK).

It is designed for installation upstream of large volume, cellular/crate – attenuation systems, ponds, swales and irrigation systems.

This SILTBLOK filters out sediment to help prevent blockages thus ensuring longevity and efficient drainage systems, as well as preventing flooding of any attenuation, swales or irrigation systems.

Technical Specification

Overall diameter (mm): 500mm

Width (mm): 540mm

Length (mm): 1025mm

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