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450mm Silt Bucket for Catchpit

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£144.00 (£120.00 ex VAT)
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£144.00 (£120.00 ex VAT)

This product is designed to collect debris and prevent it from entering the catchpit. The silt bucket and easily be removed to dispose of the build up of debris and sediment. 

Made from high-quality polyethylene, this product is corrosion resistant and highly durable. 

It is certified to EN 13598-2 (2009).  


Full Description

This product is ideal for catching debris within catchpits, to keep the underground water network clean and unblocked.

What are the benefits of using this product?
- This product keeps the system clean by collecting sediment and debris which could pollute the system
- The silt bucket prevents blockages
- It can be easily removed from the catchpit and emptied
- Using the silt bucket will prolong the lifespan of the underground drainage system.

Technical Specification

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