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4 Person Vortex Sewage Treatment Plant (Pumped)

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This 4 person Vortex sewage treatment plant is supplied with a pumped outlet. Suitable for use of up to 4 people, this sewage system does not rely on gravity to pump treated wastewater to its final discharge area. 

It is rotationally moulded, and includes an alarm on the lid to signal air blower failure. This treatment plant is ideal for areas with a high water table. 

This Vortex sewage treatment plant is a provides exceptional results for your off-mains sewage requirements. VORTEX is 100% aerobic, meaning as soon as wastewater enters the tank it is oxygenated, which prevents it from omitting bad smells. 


  • Cost-effective
  • Compact design
  • No odour 
  • Low noise 
  • Low electricity demand 
  • Certified to EN 12566-3 
  • Adjustable treatment process

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20 YEAR WARRANTY - view details here

Vortex CE Certificate


Full Description

This 4 person Quantum sewage treatment plant by WTE offers an efficient 3 stage process to effluent treatment.

Stage 1 - Wastewater enters the Vibro Screen. Here, coarse air bubbles physically break down solid matter. It also acts as a buffer for any non-degradable material from entering into the system.

Stage 2 - The mixture then enters the Biozone. This is where the bacteria digests the pollutants in the water. There is a constant oxygen supply, which ensures proper circulation and treatment.

Stage 3 - The liquid then makes its way into the Final Settlement Tank. Here, it is separated into clear, treated effluent and sludge. The treated wastewater is then able to be discharged out of the tank.

Another major benefit of the Quantum sewage treatment plant is that it can be adjusted to control the aeration within the tank. This means that it can function differently depending of the amount of use.

- Low-cost
- Ultra compact
- No odour
- Low noise
- Low electricity demand
- Adjustable treatment process
- CE marked
- EN 12566-3 certified

Technical Specification

Motor Rating (watts): 40w

No. of people: 4

Weight (kg): 107kg

Height (mm): 2000mm

Diameter: 1215mm

Material: HDPE

Inlet Invert: 550mm

Outlet Type: Pumped

Installation Depth (mm): 2000mm

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