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101mm-110mm AC1362 Clay to PVC Connector

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£4.98 (£4.15 ex VAT)

This Fernco Rubber Coupling is designed to connect one larger pipe to a smaller one in sewage and drainage systems. A strong seal is created by each end using a stainless steel clamp which keeps the pipes secure as well as air-tight & water-tight. 

This product is reliable with a variation of pipe materials, making it highly versatile and appropriate for a wide type of projects.

Full Description

This Fernco Adaptor Coupling is designed to connect one larger drainage pipe to a smaller one, meaning they can be used for a wide variety of complex projects. Stainless steel clamping bands secure the pipes together and keep them air-tight and water-tight.

How does it work?
A wide tension band is used to reinforce a reliable seal and prevent slippage of the pipes. It is made from EDPE rubber with two stainless steel clamp bands at each end which secures the pipes together. They are connected using a nut driver and torque wrench, which can be achieved quickly and effectively.

Main Applications
- Used as a connector between pipes with different diameters in sewage and drainage systems
- It can be used to repair existing pipework underground

Why Choose Fernco?
Established in 1989, Fernco are leading specialists in civils and drainage products, helping to find sewage and water solutions which have been implemented around the world. They focus on providing straight-forward, effective solutions through their extensive range of innovative products. One of Fernco’s core values is striving to solve problems in a creative way, which has a positive impact on the wider community. In addition, they have a ‘sustainability roadmap’ to develop their business and products to be more environmentally-friendly.

Features & Benefits
- There is a threshold of diameter sizes for each end of the Adaptor which means this product can be used in many circumstances.
- It is a cost-effective alternative to using a Bush product
- It can be used to connect pipes which are made from varying materials which also increases its versatility

Technical Specification

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