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4.5m x 100m Lotrak Base Woven Geotextile Membrane

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Lotrak Base is a woven polypropylene geotextile suitable for use as a basic separator fabric in a wide range of civil engineering applications.

The main purpose is to prevent loss of construction aggregates into the underlying soil. This is commonly used at the base of major highway schemes and large paved areas such as car parks due to the durable material of the woven fabric.

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Full Description

Lotrak woven geotextile is a popular choice for many undergroud applications including road and railway implementation, and other reinforcement applications.

The fibres are woven together which makes this product incredibly durable and efficient at separating water from soil and allowing filtration.

Features and benefits:
- The integrity of the soil is maintained as this product effectively separates layers of soil, whilst also allowing water to pass through.
- Lotrak woven geotextile improves the load capacity, meaning that heavy vehicles can easily pass over it.
- This product provides effective stabilisation to the ground, and provides additional strength.
- This product can be used to help the environment as it can be installed in conservation applications. This includes landfill sites to prevent cross contamination of soil types.

- Airport runways, roads, railways
- Add stability to embankments
- Control erosion for drainage systems
- Protection of underground products such as pipes
- Aid stormwater drainage in areas such as car parks

Technical Specification

Width (mm): 4.5m

Length (mm): 100m

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