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4.5m x 100m FasTrack Geotextile 609A Woven

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Made from woven polypropylene tapes, FasTrack Geotextile material is ultra-strong and hardwearing.

Ideal for use beneath car parks, paths, driveways and residential areas.

Features and Benefits
- Effective at separating different types of soil for stabilisation
-Non-porous material makes water transfer minimal, allowing it to transfer to the appropriate place
- Adds strength to construction above i.e. in car parks or housing estates
- Ultra-strong so it can withhold heavy loads

Full Description

FasTrack woven geotextile provides excellent performance with projects that require erosion control, and need to direct the water elsewhere and not travel vertically into the soil. Woven geotextiles provide a strong separation between layers due to the interlocking nature of the polypropylene tapes and are ideal for heavy duty projects.

How does it work?

Wrekin FasTrack woven geotextile is made from polypropylene tapes which are woven on a loom to produce an ultra-strong non-porous sheet which is often used in road works. Due to the tight weaving of the material, water can pass over easily to be directed to another source. This also helps to significantly reduce erosion as water is sent in a different direction, and does not seep vertically into the ground. Similar to the non-woven geotextiles, the FasTrack is excellent at separating different types of soils to keep them protected and stable.

Main Applications

Car Parks
FasTrack woven geotextile is effective in the application of car parks, as due to the low permeable nature of the product, rainwater can be transported to drainage systems as opposed to sink into the soil which would be detrimental to the quality of soil beneath the car park. This type of geotextile is very strong and can withstand heavy weight loads including cars and large vehicles.

New Buildings
For the same reasons as above, FasTrack woven geotextile is highly effective in the construction of new houses. This is because it acts as a barrier for water to pass over to the relevant drainage system to protect the ground beneath the houses keeping them stable and level.

Areas of hard standing
Any area which is of hard standing will benefit from having this product beneath it. It acts as a strengthener as well as separating different soil types from intermixing.

Why use Wrekin?
After over 40 years in the industry, Wrekin are experts in the civil engineering industry. They specialise in the geosynthetic market so you can be rest assured that their products are reliable, functional and effective. They have spent decades perfecting solutions to practical challenges within the construction industry.

Technical Specification

Weight (kg): 75g/m²

Product Details: CBR Puncture Resistance 1500N

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