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35 Person Marsh Ensign Ultra Sewage Treatment Plant (Pumped Outlet)

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£10,556.00 (£8,796.67 ex VAT)
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Marsh Ensign Ultra sewage treatment plants are widely regarded as the most efficient, reliable and economical domestic systems on the market.

Benefits and Features:

  • Inlet with 'Forsheda seal '
  • Primary settlement chamber
  • Aeration chamber
  • Advanced compressor with alarm (Ensign:Ultra units only)
  • Compressor housing Ð internal or external options available
  • RCD/Electrical connection (Ensign:Ultra units only)
  • PVC pressure pipe/diffuser(s)
  • Bio-media
  • Stainless steel mesh
  • Final settlement chamber
  • 32mm sludge return
  • Unique Polylok tertiary filter (Ensign:Ultra units only)
  • Outlet with 'Forsheda seal '
  • Impermeable lid
  • Integral lifting eyes
  • Stabilising feet
  • Unique 'keying-in ' lip

Full Description

Package Sewage Treatment Plant’s (or PSTP’s) are regularly an appropriate choice where groundwater in the vicinity of the environment is powerless, seepage field permeation qualities are prohibitive, or direct release to waterway or surface water sewer is the preferred release technique.

Notwithstanding the anaerobic absorption occurring in the essential settlement tank (as septic tanks) the Ensign unit permits the cleared up water to go into a second “air circulation” chamber where it is dealt with to expel the broken up constituents. Here oxygen consuming microscopic organisms, upheld by diffused air and versatile media, guarantee full treatment is accomplished before the treated emanating (and ‘sloughed off’ microscopic organisms) stream to a last settlement chamber before release.

Why choose the Marsh Ensign?

End users, merchants and installers alike recommend the Ensign range due to its ease of installation, reliability, and cost-effective operation and maintenance. All backed by technical support from local contacts.

Technical Specification

No. of people: 35

Height (mm): 2284mm

Outlet: Pumped

Outlet Invert: 850mm

Inlet Invert: 770mm

Width (mm): 1912mm

Length (mm): 4200mm

Outlet Type: Pumped Outlet

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