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35 Person DMC7 Diamond sewage treatment plant ( standard invert 570mm) - WPL Tanks

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£11,782.44 (£9,818.70 ex VAT)
Serves up to 35PE, with a standard invert of 570mm.
The WPL Diamond DMC package wastewater treatment range is for properties of 21-55 (people) occupancy equivalent where mains drainage is unavailable; ideal for small businesses, new builds and replacement of existing sewage treatment plants. The compact below ground WPL Diamond DMC solution uses no chemicals and treats to a very high standard, so the effluent can be safely discharged to a soakaway or watercourse.

Full Description

Typical domestic uses:
Single houses
Small groups of houses,
outbuildings and barn conversions,
with a maximum population equivalent of 55 persons
Replacement of septic tanks
Typical commercial uses:
Commercial buildings and offices
Stately homes and country estates
Small hotels and bed and breakfasts
Small retail such as farm shops and rural workshops
Small villages, rural communities and housing associations
Key features:
25 years warranty

Comes with 25 years tank warranty and a process performance guarantee for the life of the tank. The air blower (housed in the kiosk) warranty is 2 years.

Longer emptying cycle*
Up to 3 years desludge – due to our highly efficient aeration process which breaks down organic matter at a reduced sludge rate resulting in longer emptying cycles of up to three years.

Low user maintenance
No internal electrical or mechanical moving parts inside the tank, offering minimal maintenance compared to other processes on the market which are prone to breaking down.

No odours*
The WPL Diamond wastewater treatment range is odourless so you won’t even know it’s there!

No hidden costs
The standard package includes a WPL Diamond DMS tank, WPL kiosk, alarm beacon, blowers and 10 metres air hose. Additional extras are available.

Simple installation
Compact in design, keeping the excavation to a minimum and the installation simple, with little disruption.

*subject to correct installation, consistent influent conditions and regular plant maintenance as per the manufacturers’ instructions.

Fully compliant
The high quality WPL Diamond range is CE marked, fully type tested and certificated in accordance with the mandatory European standard BS EN12566-3 2014 for small wastewater treatment systems.

Kind to the environment
Unlike other tanks on the market, our WPL Diamond has no need for additional chemicals, to reduce our environmental impact.

Environment Agency approved
The liquid matter (effluent) discharged by our WPL Diamond range is fully compliant with the regulations set by Environment Agency (EA) and exceeds normal consent standards.

Technical Specification

No. of people: 35

Outlet: Gravity

Model: DMC7

Inlet Invert: 570mm

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