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300mm Silt Bucket for Yard Gully

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This galvanised, removable catchment for Yard Gully serves as a simple solution for preventing the build up of debris from entering a drainage system. Yard Gully Silt Buckets ensure the debris is cleared before having the chance to cause a blockage and ultimately saving costs on potential repairs. They are typically placed in the bottom of a Midi-Gully to collect sediment and function as a manual silt trap. They require emptying in fixed intervals to allow optimal performance. 

Key Applications: 

  • Preventing debris build up 
  • Enhancing water quality 
  • Protecting downstream infrastructure
  • Maintaining yard gullies 
  • Reducing maintenance frequency

Full Description

The purpose of a silt bucket is to collect debris from stormwater runoff to prevent sediment building up in drainage systems. Typically, they are installed in drainage pipes, in conjunction with yard gullies to allow an efficient and consistent water flow.

Yard gullies can often be referred to as yard drains or surface drains. These drainage structures are installed at ground level so they can collect stormwater from paved or impermeable surfaces such as patios and driveways. Yard gullies are essential for ensuring functional drainage around commercial or residential properties.

Silt buckets for yard gullies are extremely beneficial in the context of drainage systems and stormwater management. Here are a few more benefits offered by Silt Buckets for Yard Gully.

Key Benefits:

- Improves water quality
- Protects drainage infrastructure
- Controls debris build up
- Prevents clogging
- Protects the environment
- Reduces maintenance costs

Technical Specification

Diameter: 300mm

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