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300 Series Silt Guard

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This product is designed for housing or commercial developments, as it removes debris and silt allowing for a higher flow rate. It is ideal for siting upstream of smaller crate/cellular attenuation systems and run off from permeable paving. Comes with 110mm or 160mm EN 1401 pipe connections

Features & Benefits:

  • Significantly improves water quality downstream of unit by removing silts, debris and litter
  • One-piece unit delivered ready to install, reducing installation time and costs
  • Quick and simple to install, is lightweight and can be lifted and installed by a single person
  • Eliminates wastage associated with in-situ construction
  • Factory tested for water tightness
  • Optional depths - 665mm & 1500mm
  • Optional extension risers, offers deeper inverts to suit project requirements
  • Optional - Filter insert for basket for finer separation
  • Granular Backfill
  • Chemically Resistant

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Full Description

For the catchment and removal of silt, debris and litter, before entering a surface water storage system. This model is primarily designed to be installed upstream of smaller sized modular/crate type attenuation systems, ponds and swales.

This product has a SuDS design, which will improve the water quality and increase the efficiency and sustainability of the attenuation system.

It is resistant to chemicals and highly durable. Installation is quick and easy, and the Silt Guard silt sentinel is a one piece unit. It is lightweight, making it easy to handle and transport.

The Silt Guard helps to reduce blockages in the attenuation tank, which improves its effectiveness, and also reduces the need for costly repairs and maintenance.

What are the benefits of an attenuation tank?
- It prevents flooding by controlling and storing the run off water.
- An attenuation tank can hold significantly more water than a granular system with the same purpose.
- It has a lifespan of approximately 120 years, making it a cost-effective investment.

Technical Specification

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