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280 Litre Underground Tank Enduramaxx

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This 280 litre flat base underground tank is ideal for rainwater harvesting and storing  water. Rainwater harvesting is an excellent way of repurposing natural resources for uses such as garden irrigation, flushing toilets and also laundry. This tank is designed to be installed underground, making it discreet. However, it can also be used above ground if preferred. 

This tank is made from HDPE, making it highly durable and chemical resistant. 

This product is available to purchase with either no lid, or a 450mm plastic lid which is suitable for storage or potable water. 

Full Description

This tank can be used in a variety of applications, which are suitable for domestic and commercial uses. Designed to be installed underground, this flat base tank is effective at storing rainwater without compromising any above ground space.

What are the applications of harvesting rainwater in this tank?
- Rainwater can be used for garden landscaping uses such as watering grass, plants and crops.
- It can be used for indoor applications such as flushing toilets and washing clothing.
- Rainwater can be used for cleaning cars

What are the benefits of rainwater harvesting?
- As this tank is intended to be used underground, the effects of evaporation will be significantly reduced meaning that there is a higher retention of water.
- Water bills will be reduced as there will be less demand for water from a mains water source.
- A rainwater harvesting system offers a great contingency for the above applications in the event of a water shortage or drought.
- Using rainwater for clothes washing can be considered superior water than from a mains system. This is because there is less calcium and other minerals in rainwater, which means there is a lower build up of limescale in your washing machine if this source is used.
- Water conservation is important, and encouraging its use helps to battle the effects of climate change.

Technical Specification

Capacity (litres): 280 ltr

Weight (kg): 42kg

Height (mm): 100cm

Water Type: Potable

Width (mm): 60cm

Colour: Natural

Length (mm): 60cm

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