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2.17m x 7.38m Geocell ProtectaWeb

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Protectaweb is an established method of constructing slope reinforcement and tree root protection, without causing any possible damage or undue stress. In comparison to other alternatives it is simple to install and provides significant time and cost savings by reducing requirements for infill material by 50%. 


  • Slopes
  • New housing developments 
  • Footpaths
  • Driveways 
  • Access roads 
  • Car park areas

Data Sheet 1

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For erosion control on slopes:

Pins on slopes under 40 degrees = 1 pin per m2

Pins on slopes over 40 degrees = 2 pins per m2

For tree root protection:

10 pins per panel

Available in 500mm and 700mm sizes.

500mm pins for cell depth of 75mm and 100mm

700mm pins for cell depth of 150mm and 200mm

Full Description

The answer to striking the correct balance between creating vehicular and pedestrian access and tree root protection is Geocell ProtectaWeb. This prevents any possible damage or stress when constructing parking areas or access tracks close to tree roots. Upon installation, a matrix of interlocking polymer strips contain and confine a granular infill to ensure an uncompacted, stable structure with an enhanced angle of internal friction that significantly reduces the loads applied on to soils and tree roots. Perforation in the cell walls of the matrix allows lateral drainage that minimizes the build up of confined water and enhances drainage, even on gradients.

Tree root protection:

The no-dig method of tree root protection enables the creation of access ways or parking areas to nearby trees. The strength and unique composition of ProtectaWeb ensures this method can be done without compacting the soil as this can cause irreparable damage to the trees life support system.

Slope reinforcement:

Slope reinforcement provides a straightforward installation for contractors, especially on steep banks and slopes. The perforated panel system presents an extremely cost-effective solution for reinforcements and significantly reduces the requirement for fill materials. In high load intensity locations, common fill materials can be used as ProtectaWeb provides a semi-rigid foundation when infilled.


- Reduces the risk of fines: eliminates the risk of receiving a fine for causing any significant damage or death to a tree subject to a Tree Protection Order.

- Increased supply of water and oxygen: provides an absorptive and uncompacted structure so that the tree's crucial supply of water and oxygen can be maintained.

- Prevents soil compaction: prevents any heavy force compacting the soils in the root compaction area.

- Load transfer reduction: significant reduction of loads transferred from above to tree roots.

- No-dig solution: A no-dig solution prevents mechanical damage harming the existing tree roots.

- Strong and stable surface: provides a stable, suitable running surface for the specific road or track.

Technical Specification

Product Details: Tensile strength: 20kN/m

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