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160mm x 3mtr Socketed Sewer Pipe Solid

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Single socket SN8 compact sewer/underground drainage pipe.

A type of sewer pipe which is used in plumbing and sewage systems. Its main function is to carry waste water and sewage from homes, businesses, or other buildings to a mains sewer system for proper disposal or treatment.

The single socket design refers to the presence of a socket or hub on one end of the pipe, which allows it to be connected to another pipe, chamber or fitting using a compatible joint or coupling.

Full Description

Features & Benefits

Wastewater conveyance
The primary purpose of a sewer pipe is to transport used water and waste materials, such as toilet waste, kitchen sink water, and laundry water, from the building to a sewer or septic system.

Leak prevention
Single socket sewer pipes are designed with tight seals at the socket end, which help prevent leaks and reduce the risk of contamination of surrounding areas with sewage or wastewater. The single socket design allows for easy connection to other pipes or fittings, creating a continuous pipeline for the flow of wastewater.

Structural support
Sewer pipes are typically buried underground or installed within building structures, and they provide structural support to the overall plumbing and sewage system. The single socket design allows for secure connections with other pipes or fittings, ensuring a stable and reliable system.

Connection to mains sewer system
Single socket sewer pipes are typically connected to a mains sewer system or a septic system for proper disposal or treatment of wastewater. The socket end allows for easy connection to other pipes or fittings, making it convenient for installation and connection to the overall sewer or septic system.

Available in 3 metres or 6 metres, this socketed sewer pipe is ideal for underground drainage projects. Made from PVC, these pipes are known for their durability and long lifespan. They are resistant to corrosion, rust, rot, and most chemicals, and are also incredibly lightweight. This makes them easy to handle onsite and simple to install.

Technical Specification

Diameter: 160mm

Standards: EN1401

Material: PVC-U

Pipe Size (mm): 160mm

Size: 160 mm x 3 mtr

Length (mm): 3m

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