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150mm Unperforated Twinwall Plain End Pipe (6m)

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  • 150mm x 6m Unperforated Twinwall Plain End Pipe
  • Rigid and inflexible pipe
  • Manufactured from durable and strong HDPE

Full Description

This 150mm twin wall unperforated drainage pipe with connector is designed for use in gravity surface & stormwater drainage application. They are manufactured from a high density polypropylene, and extruded by a process in which 2 layers are fabricated simultaneously, giving the pipe a corrugated outerwall and a smooth innerwall.

Unperforated land drain is used for distributing surface water, these pipes have no holes; they are used to redirect water to a watercourse such as a stream, river, water tank or soakaway.


• 150mm drainage pipe for surface water collection and distribution.
• 150mm twinwall couplers or fittings are required to join two lengths of pipe together.
• This pipe is rigid, and not flexible.
• Manufactured from HDPE


• Easy to handle and weighs less than concrete pipe.
• Quick to install, reducing plant and labour costs.
• Design prevents silt accumulation.
• Pipes can be cut easily on site using conventional hand tools, but should be cut square between corrugations.
• Suitable for use on almost all soil conditions.

Technical Specification

Diameter: 150mm

Pipe Type: Unperforated

Pipe Size (mm): 150mm

Length (mm): 6m

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