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1000 Litre GS2 Grease Separator

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The Oaklands Environmental GS range is engineered to provide a large volume of liquid so the flow of hot, greasy water is decelerated. The extended retention times allows suspended fat, oils and grease (F.O.Gs) to separate and cool as a waste layer develops on the surface. Meanwhile, high density particles sink to the base of the unit, forming a sludge layer. 

The GS2 is designed with a unique hollow baffle and step feature to support the separation and retention process. The GS2 is a popular size for larger catering establishments and meat processing facilities, with a sludge capacity of 1000 litres. It is suitable for applications up to 1900 covers per day.

Key Applications:

  • Hotels 
  • Abattoirs 
  • Large restaurants and chains 
  • Corporate cafeterias 
  • Entertainment complexes 

GS2 Data Sheet

Delivery to England mainland and Wales only. 

Full Description

The GS2 is efficiently engineered to prevent F.O.Gs from entering drainage systems. It is recommended to install a grease trap/separator to prevent the buildup of F.O.Gs from kitchen waste water, as they can cause blockages once they begin to solidify. Grease separators are designed to capture and handle higher volumes of grease from larger streams of waste water.

Larger catering establishments usually benefit from installing a grease separator due to the high amount of waste discarded in kitchens. It prevents the likelihood of costly repairs and allows kitchens to function properly.

Key Benefits:

- Compliant with regulations
- Prevents blocked drainage systems
- Environmental protection
- Improved hygiene and sanitation
- Cost savings

In summary, the installation of a grease separator offers a range of benefits, from operating efficiency and cost savings to environmental protection. This would make a grease separator a valuable asset for large catering establishments. It is important to consult local plumbing codes and regulations to be aware of any specific requirements for grease management in your area.

Technical Specification

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