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1,450 Litre Harlequin ITE Vertical Bunded Oil Tank

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£1,650.00 (£1,375.00 ex VAT)
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£1,650.00 (£1,375.00 ex VAT)
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Height: 1,590mm Diameter: 1,540mm Weight: 105KG Nominal Capacity: 1,413 litres The 1450ITE/ITT is supplied with the following features: Electronic oil monitor 32mm Gauge fitting point Bottom outlet fitting kit / Top Outlet Fitting Kit 2" fill point 4" lockable inspection point Lockable manhole access 1" BSP (F) outlet connection Vent LRC failsafe overfill prevention probe Anti-theft tank sticker, displaying the message 'THIS TANK IS ALARMED!'

Full Description

Every tank is bunded, i.e. comprising of a twofold walled plan. This twofold divider ensures your oil in case of the inward tank part. The external skin of a bunded oil tank can contain 110% of the inward tank’s ability. Before obtaining an oil tank, dependably guarantee that you have picked a bunded alternative.

Harlequin offers two assortments of tank: – HQi (Standard Bunded) and ITE/ITT (Code ITE for base outlet and code ITT for top outlet). HQi Tanks come complete with standard tank fittings, while ITE tanks come complete with a scope of fittings and adornments, the most imperative one being an electronic oil screen for fuel administration and security.

Every oil tank inside the ITE range comes complete with an electronic oil screen as standard. What’s more, these oil tanks are likewise supplied with: significant outlet fitting pack, 2″ fill point, 4″ lockable review point, lockable sewer vent top access, 1″ BSP (F) outlet association, vent and a high perceivability, hostile to robbery sticker, showing the message ‘THIS TANK IS ALARMED!’

ALL Harlequin iTank Evo warming oil tanks are bunded as standard.

Technical Specification

Capacity (litres): 1450 litres

Weight (kg): 105 kg

Height (mm): 1590mm

Diameter: 1540mm

Outlet: Bottom

Tank Size (Litre): 1001 - 1500 litres

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