Stormwater Attenuation Solutions

We provide a range of stormwater attenuation solutions to meet your specific needs and budget. These include storm crate systems, stormwater attenuation tanks, elevator systems and membranes for stormwater attenuation lagoons. If required, we can also install.















Our Stormwater Attenuation Installation Service

We also offer an installation service if required. Our installation team has over 25 years of experience in rural construction and are ISO:9001, ISO:14001, Safe Contractor and ConstructionLine accredited.

Watch this video of our team installing a Stormwater Attenuation Solution to control flooding and manage stormwater.



Our range of attenuation systems

We offer a full range of sizes for storm crate systems and attenuation tanks. We can custom build your attenuation tanks or storm crates to equate for the amount of water you produce.

Our stormwater solutions enable you to manage stormwater rather than causing flooding downstream. Our compliant stormwater attenuation systems will release the water back into the environment safely, preventing flooding and pollutants entering the waterways.

What is stormwater attenuation?

Stormwater attenuation is a solution used to control flooding and prevent pollutants from entering our waterways.

This is done by taking the rainwater and holding it in a stormwater attenuation tank system and then releasing it at a rate that does not inundate the water system and cause flooding.

Stormwater attenuation is the storage of stormwater for a period of time, and then release it back into a watercourse or sewer network.



Installation Service Available

We offer an installation service on many of our sewage treatment solutions. We can provide a complete package, where we design, supply and install the following products for you.

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