Main uses of a Culvert Pipe

Main uses of a Culvert Pipe

Their main use is to transfer water and materials as a drain pipe under road or earth. They also can be used as bridges, when the pipe is placed side by side with earth or rock covering them.

Lots of times when roads are built it disrupts the flow of streams or ponds, a culvert can be used to connect wildlife together allowing them to move around freely with no barriers or disruptions.

Culverts are able to have a variety of uses due to their durability. As they are strong they can be used for bridges as they can withstand the weight of cars – allowing for their safe passage.

Culvert pipe can also come in a variety of shapes – round and smooth or corrugated and can even be made to order into rectangles or squares, increasing their versatility. They can come in concrete, high density polyethene HDPE or steel. You will need to decide what the best shape and material is for you and your requirements.

In our experience we tend to recommend galvanised steel pipes and HDPE plastic as these are the most versatile and durable and suits most requirements.

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