How to stock up on fertiliser and fuel now to avoid future price hikes?

How to stock up on fertiliser and fuel now to avoid future price hikes?

With prices for fertiliser, oil and fuel expected to surge in the coming weeks due to the conflict in Ukraine, we recommend storing these items now to reduce your costs and avoid shortages. We supply a wide range of competitively priced storage tanks ideal for this purpose.

This week it was reported that farmers are facing surging prices for fertiliser, oil and fuel as the war in Ukraine disrupts exports from Russia and ramps up production costs. 

At the start of this week, fertiliser prices had surged towards £1,000 a tonne, up from about £650 last week. This was directly linked to a surge in the price of gas, which is key to the production process. For farmers this is compounded by the fact that nitrogen fertiliser is already up 200% from last year, according to the NFU.

Red diesel prices have also increased in the past week and are expected to rise rapidly. According to Farmers Weekly, a midlands-based farmer was asked to pay 112p/litre for red diesel this week, compared with the 73p/litre he paid for 10,000 litres of red diesel just 10 days ago – a rise of more than 50%. Other farmers have quoted they are paying as much as 130p/litre due to further hikes.

One way to minimise the impact of future price increases and to avoid a shortage of supplies is to stock up on items, such as fertiliser, fuel and oil, now whilst they’re cheaper and available. This is a strategy we’re seeing a number of our farming customers adopt as a means to reduce their costs.

How can we help?

If you need a solution to store your fuel, then we can help. We supply a range of fuel stations manufactured in specialist grade polymer that range in size from 1,300 to 9,250 litres. Additionally, we can offer fertiliser tanks perfect for storing liquid fertiliser that are manufactured in polyethene and range in size from 4,000 litres all the way up to 30,000 litres.

Other tanks we supply include Adblue tanks as well as bunded oil tanks as well as many others.

Our background is in farming so we understand your needs – our MD’s family have been farming for generations. We are also specialists in land drainage and supply a wide range of products at cost competitive prices, including including land drainage coiltwinwall pipe and large diameter structured pipe. Give us a call on 0121 351 3230 to speak to one of our drainage experts.

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