Solid-wall high density polyethylene pipe for municipal, industrial, agricultural and energy applications

We provide an extensive range of drainage pipes including the large diameter pipes in HDPE. We supply these to accommodate for a variety of industrial needs and requirements, so if you’re in the agricultural or energy industry you could benefit from one of our HDPE pipes!

A polyethylene pipe offers high strength and has the ability to withstand immense pressures and impacts, including those from heavy loading vehicles!

The installation of a large diameter pipe needn’t be difficult or strenuous, the process is quick and easy so you don’t have to spend time handling the pipe!

There is no need to regularly maintain and replace your drainage pipe, the large diameter pipes are capable of flexing under extreme stress and pressure. The life expectancy of a polyethylene pipe is significantly longer than most other pipes, meaning you can save money and time.

The HDPE pipe offers zero leakage and resistance against chemicals and corrosion which makes it suitable for fish farming, transportation of sewage and waste water treatment!

Available sizes

Available in single lengths up to:

  • 14 metres versus tradition 2.5m concrete lengths.
  • Diameters from 750mm to 3500mm.
Large Diameter HDPE Structure Wall Pipe Image
Large Diameter HDPE Structure Wall Pipe Image

Increase yield potential

Make every acre count and buy back your unprofitable ground. Our land drain coil optimises your soil structure and yield, in turn maximising profits.

Increase land value

With land prices soaring, getting the optimum productivity and yield from every acre has never been more important. Efficiently drained land puts the landowner in a more favourable position with regard to selling or letting the land.

Better access between fields

Increases your access between fields.

3m x 6m Large Diameter Culvert Pipe 2 Image
Culvert 3mx6m HDPE Pipe Image
3m x 6m Large Diameter Culvert Pipe Image