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Why the wet weather didn’t hamper our harvest?

In spite of the record-breaking rainfall during October, the harvest wasn’t hindered here at Hermitage Farm. The farming team managed to get our maize crops off during the second week of October as a result of our well-drained fields.

Hermitage Farm is based at Cotterill Civils’ HQ and has been a part of our MD’s family for over 100 years. Cotterill Civils was founded as a result of our MD realising the benefits of having good drainage and choosing to sell it himself.

Extreme weather becoming more of a problem for farmers

Farmers have had it tough this year – the weather has ranged from extreme wet periods during the winter to a very dry spring and summer. Then in October, just when farmers were ready to harvest, we had one of the wettest periods since records began, including the wettest day – we received enough rainfall in a single day to fill Loch Ness. 

Having a good land drainage system is becoming even more vital to farmers as the weather is becoming less predictable. This year, our drainage system proved its worth (for the umpteenth time!) Even when faced with such extreme wet weather, we could get our maize crops off the fields on time.

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