Introducing TORiser - new environmentally-friendly seating rings and gully riser

Introducing TORiser - new environmentally-friendly seating rings and gully riser

It may be clichéd, but the small changes we can all make have a huge impact - especially in the construction industry. As one of the main contributors to climate change, members of the construction industry have a responsibility to ensure they carefully consider the environmental impact of their work, and strive to reduce it as much as possible. 

There’s good news though! The construction industry is steadily going green, and sustainable methods of working alongside eco-friendly products are just some of the ways this is coming to fruition. 

Introducing TORiser

TORiser are a great brand with environmental solutions at the forefront of their values. Products in the TORiser range are made from high-quality recycled HDPE plastic materials. They are the first brand to use plastic as an eco-friendly alternative to concrete, and there are many benefits as a result of this. This makes them unique and excellent role models for other brands looking to create products that improve sustainability within construction.  

Another way in which TORiser products help the environment is that they are lightweight and therefore the transportation load is significantly reduced in comparison with concrete. This means that carbon emissions from the vehicles transporting the products are reduced as the load isn’t as heavy. 

What products are available?

At Cotterill Civils we have three products available to purchase in this range and are all are used in groundworks projects. 

TORiser Seating Ring x 2 Sizes

The first product available is the TORiser Seating Ring developed to reduce weight and waste. Due to the products unique recycled composite material with
a carbon negative filler it has a robust nature eradicating damage to units during
transit and while moving and storing on site. TORiser units are all below 7KG,
meaning manual handling is handled. Injuries from heavier concrete units are a
thing of the past, so taking away the possibility of injury during installation and
helping to improve site safety.

The unique composite means the TORiser system is helping to divert waste
from landfill, but can be recycled after use, in the future if required.

They are simple and quick to install, and are available in 600mm x 600mm opening and 675mm x 675mm opening both with a 65mm depth. 

TORiser Horseshoe Gully Riser 

The TORiser Horseshoe Gully Riser is designed to be placed on top of a Gully Pot to enhance stability of the gully whilst laying flush to the kerb. This secures the gully and allows for water to pass through into the sewage network whilst capturing materials that may cause blockages. 

Call our office on 0121 351 3230 or submit an enquiry for more details. 

Why use recycled HDPE plastic?

  • TORiser are unique in the fact that they use HDPE to make their products which are made from recycled materials. This is useful as no new materials need to be  manufactured which reduces the carbon footprint of the production line. 
  • HDPE has a longer life-span than concrete, and is less prone to damage.
  • HDPE is corrosion resistant.
  • No specialist training is required to install these products.
  • There are no weak spots which may be associated with vertical joints in concrete.
  • It is lightweight which makes it easy to handle on site and increases safety.
  • Transportation weight is lower than concrete alternatives which reduces vehicle carbon emissions.

Cost is usually a large barrier for many construction companies looking to address their environmental impact, however, here at Cotterill Civils, we ensure all of our products are competitively priced. Affordability with products like these is essential to their success and implementation, which in turn benefits everyone. 

If you’d like to view our range of TORiser products, please click here.

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