What can your farm or business do to conserve water ready for a drought?

What can your farm or business do to conserve water ready for a drought?

With the first hosepipe ban of the summer introduced in England today and a warning from environmental specialists that water shortages will become more common in the future, we will all need to do more to conserve water.

United Utilities announced the first hosepipe ban for England today, following the recent hosepipe ban in Northern Ireland and what is believed to be the longest heatwave since 1976.

Lack of water becoming an increasing problem

Pressure on water supplies is growing and according to Ofwat, the economic regulator for water and sewerage services in England and Wales, this is due to climate change, population growth and the building of homes in drier areas.

The impact of this year’s water drought is not only affecting millions of households but also businesses and farms too. Many farms have reportedly had to resort to desperate measures just to keep their cattle alive. One example is Greg Cotterell from Bank Top farm in Fenny Bentley. He recently dug out an old well to help solve the problem but as this only produces a quarter of the water his cows need to survive, he is also having to carry the rest of the water to their troughs with containers.

Water extremes to become the norm

This summer’s water shortage is in sharp contrast to the flooding the UK experienced earlier this year. March was reportedly one of the wettest months on record. These water extremes of flooding and drought are only set to become commonplace according to environmental experts. Periods of too much or too little rainfall are both likely symptoms of increasing global temperatures and can happen back to back.

What can you do to lessen the impact on your business

When it comes to preparing for a drought, one of your options could be to harvest rainwater. For example, we’ve found that our farming customers can typically recover up to 40% of their water usage with a rainwater harvesting system. And contrary to common myth, with the right filters in place the collected rainwater can also be feed livestock.

We supply a range of rainwater harvesting systems suitable for small households as well as businesses such as farms, sports complexes, golf courses, holiday parks and large industrial sites. We can also provide you with expert advice on whether a system is right for you and will it produce the return on investment you expect.

When it comes to flooding, we also provide a range of products that minimise the impact of excess water on your land. These include land drainage systems, stormwater attenuation solutions and flood prevention products.

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