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Top 5 reasons to harvest rainwater

Harvesting rainwater is the ideal way to save money whilst doing your bit for the environment. Here’s just a few reasons why you should start collecting rainwater:

  • It’s free
    You’ve heard the expression “money doesn’t grow on trees” but it does quite literally fall from the sky. You could save money on your water bills by simply collecting rainwater. That goes for businesses as well as households. For example, we’ve found that our farming customers can typically recover up to 40% of their water usage with our rainwater harvesting storage tanks.
  • Water bills to increase due to Brexit
    The UK’s exit from the European Union is likely to push up water bills according to Ofwat**. Typical costs for mains water is currently around £1 – £2 per cubic metre but they warn that a decline in sterling and a resulting increase in inflation will push these costs up further.
  • Do your bit for the environment
    As more and more of our land becomes paved we’re preventing rainwater from seeping back into the soil and joining the water table. This is putting added pressure on our drains and can lead to flooding. By harvesting rainwater you can help prevent this by instead gradually releasing this rainwater into the natural water course. Additionally, doing your bit for the environment can help your business. For example, some of the UK’s biggest supermarkets are already auditing their suppliers based upon their carbon footprint.
  • Protect against water shortages
    In the UK we’re seeing more and more extreme weather. Water shortages are also likely to become a more common problem in the future according to Water UK***. There are also fears that of a drought this summer as wettest parts of the UK remain bone dry. By harvesting rainwater you can protect yourself and your business against this threat.
  • It’s good for your plants and can be used to feed livestock
    Rainwater is great for your plants – it is a clean, salt-free source of water that contains many beneficial ingredients for your plants including sulfur, potash and microorganisms. These all help to boost plant’s growth. It’s also a common myth that harvested rainwater cannot be used for livestock feeding. With the right filters in place, rainwater can be made safe.

Advice on rainwater harvesting solutions

When choosing a rainwater harvesting solution there is lots to consider, such as the right tank or system for your roof area. We can provide expert advice on the types of rainwater harvesting solution for your business or home. We offer a range of rainwater harvesting water storage tanks and systems designed to suit your requirements and budget. Please get in touch on or 0121 351 3230.

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