How Do Soakaway Crates Work?

How Do Soakaway Crates Work?

Stormwater Crates are essentially plastic modular water cells and work in a similar way to a natural soakaway – they are perfect for groundwater infiltration.

Why are they popular?

Used in both commercial and domestic projects, they provide you with a simple, cost-effective and easy to install solution to control surface water and prevent flooding. Their popularity is increasing due to increased awareness of environmental issues and legislation.

Soakaway crates have become an everyday item found in almost all types of construction projects, especially as water management has become an ever-increasing factor for local authorities, developers, and homeowners.

How do they work?

In contrast to natural soakaways, which are essentially a hole dug in the ground and filled with pebbles, soakaway crates act as an underground reservoir. The crates are manufactured from durable plastic which clip together easily to form a box structure.

Stormwater crates are installed below ground and are used to control the flow of surface water when there is extreme rainfall. They have an inlet that allows up to 97% of their occupied space to fill with water. They work by holding onto the water during storms and only allowing this water to disperse back into the ground a bit at a time, at a rate the ground can handle rather than all at once, which can lead to flooding.

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