We provide a range of concrete manholes to suit your needs and budget.

Our concrete manholes are supplied in a range of diameters and depths. Each of them comes in the form of precast concrete rings, and all of them have a tongue and groove joint to allow them to lock together neatly and easily.

What is a manhole ring?

Concrete manhole rings provide access to foul and surface water drainage systems. A manhole is an opening to a confined space, they tend to be an access point for an underground public utility, meaning inspections and maintenance can take place to them – these tend to be for sewers, electricity, storm drains, etc.

What are the benefits of Concrete Manhole Rings?

  • Concrete manhole rings allow for a quick, easy installation.
  • Manhole rings can be easily sealed against the elements.
  • Precast concrete cover slabs are also available which can be used to cap the manhole chamber and reduce the size of its entry point. Commonly used in deeper manholes, these precast concrete manholes or “landing slabs” are installed at intervals through the tunnel, preventing a long fall or allowing regular resting points along the length of the concrete manholes.
  • With incredibly long lifespans, these sturdy and reliable concrete manhole rings also include ladder rungs for easier access to the lower levels, and can be stacked indefinitely to reach whatever level you need, with far faster construction time than casting the rings onsite would allow for.

Why buy them from us?

We provide a range of concrete manhole rings in a range of diameters and depths. Each of the manhole rings comes in the form of a precast concrete ring, and all of them have a tongue and groove joint to allow them to lock together neatly and easily.
Our manhole rings include fixed double steps or an integrated ladder system for ease of access and safety if and when needed. Our manhole cover slabs are fitted with RD30 lifting sockets Lifting sockets ensure safe lifting onsite and safe loading and transportation.

Once put together, they can be sealed with cement and sand mortar or a bitumen sealant, making them watertight and helping to prolong their lifespan. Able to withstand infiltration and leaking, as well as attack by groundwater and corrosive environments, these precast concrete manholes will remain in pristine condition for many years. Our manhole rings are heavy duty and reinforced to ensure effectiveness, as well as being manufactured in accordance with all British Standards.