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Vortiflo Flowbrake Vortex Flow Control Unit

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£995.00 (£829.17 ex VAT)

Please include head figure and flow rate in "Special Instructions" box at checkout.

* This vortex flow control unit is suitable for flow rates 2 - 25 litres per second and up to 3m head 

The Vortiflo Flow Brake is designed to control the rate of water that passes through an attenuation tank. Its primary function is to slow down the flow rate of water, reducing the peak rate and ensuring a controlled release.

The use of the Vortiflo Flow Brake in an attenuation tank ensures that the release of stormwater is appropriately controlled, avoiding sudden surges of water and minimising the risk of flooding downstream. It helps to manage the flow of water during heavy storms, reducing the strain on drainage systems and protects the surrounding environment from damage. 

 *Chamber not included, for illustrative purposes only*

Full Description

What are the benefits of installing a Vortiflo Flow Brake?

1. It reduces the risk of flooding by controlling the flow of water that is being redistributed.
2. The water quality is improved as the controlled release of stormwater allows sediment to settle within the tank. This prevents it being released into the watercourse, and improves the quality of the water.
3. This product contributes towards the protection of the environment, as controls the level of water released which is designed to prevent flooding. This helps to protect local wildlife and their ecosystems.

Why choose Turtle Enviro?

Turtle Enviro products offer effective water management solutions by providing innovative designs made with the consumer’s needs in mind. Their products are manufactured in the UK and include inspection chambers, flow control chambers and silt traps. At Cotterill Civils, we are proud to stock Turtle Enviro products.

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