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TORiser Seating Ring 65mm deep

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£49.50 (£41.25 ex VAT)
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£49.50 (£41.25 ex VAT)

The TORiser seating rings are used as a lightweight, safer alternative to concrete seating rings, which are used to raise the ironwork in your installation.

They are fast to install & easy to handle and made from recycled materials HDPE.

Available in 600mm x 600mm opening and 675mm x 675mm opening. 

 Made from recycled materials.

Full Description

The new, innovative TORiser Seating Ring System has been developed to reduce weight and waste. Due to the products unique recycled composite material with a carbon negative filler it has a robust nature eradicating damage to units during transit and while moving and storing on site. TORiser units are all below 7KG, meaning manual handling is handled. Injuries from heavier concrete units are a thing of the past, so taking away the possibility of injury during installation and helping to improve site safety.

The unique composite means the TORiser system is helping to divert waste from landfill, but can be recycled after use, in the future if required.

• TORiser is lightweight, so up to 80% more products per full load. This reduces lorry movements and helps, again in reducing carbon emissions related with vehicle movements. Another reason to make TORiser your sustainable choice.

• TORiser has the T-GRIP ensuring the mortar holds each TORiser and the cover and frame firmly in place. Both standard sand and cement mortar or polymer
modified mortar, if specified can be used.

• TORiser carries D400 load testing in accordance with BS EN124/ BS5834 exceeding load requirements in BSEN 5911-3/6

Available in 600m x 600mm opening and 675mm x 675mm opening for your project’s needs.

Why Choose TORiser?

TORiser are a great brand who provide quality-made products whilst also considering their impact on the environment. Products in the TORiser range are ultra-lightweight making them easy to use and handle, and also lighter to transport which improves their carbon footprint. They are the only brand to offer seating rings made from recycled materials which is both unique and eco-friendly.

600mm x 600mm Base Size is 825mm x 825mm
675mm x 675mm Base Size is 900mm x 900mm

*WRC approval for use in UK highways*

Technical Specification

Weight (kg): 5kg

Depth (mm): 65mm

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