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TORiser Square Gully Riser

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£67.90 (£56.58 ex VAT)

The TORiser Square Gully Riser by Torrent Water Management is designed to be placed on top of a Gully Pot to enhance stability of the gully.

This secures the gully and allows for water to pass through into the sewage network whilst trapping miscellaneous materials that may cause blockages. 

Made from recycled materials.

Full Description


The TORisers are used as alternative to concrete rising pieces or brickwork, they are lightweight and easy to work with as all products are under the manual handling threshold for a safer working environment.

Why Choose TORiser?

TORiser are a great brand who provide quality-made products whilst also considering their impact on the environment. Products in the TORiser range are ultra-lightweight making them easy to use and handle, and also lighter to transport which improves their carbon footprint. They are the only brand to offer seating rings made from recycled materials which is both unique and eco-friendly.

Features & Benefits

• It is made from recycled plastic which has environmental benefits
• It adds stability to a Gully Pot which means that less maintenance is required
• Eliminates the need to use concrete which typically has vertical joints which can be weak spots -
• Simple and fast installation
• WRC approval for use in UK highways

Technical Specification

Weight (kg): 5kg

Size: 620mm x 650mm base

Load / Load Rating: D400

Depth (mm): 100mm

Clear opening (mm): 450mm

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