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Premium Biaxial Geogrid 40/40 4m x 30m - E'grid

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This biaxial E'Grid by Wrekin is a premium product made from polypropylene, designed for ground stabilisation purposes. This product creates a strong interlock over granular particles, which reinforces the shearing resistance within soils. Compaction is significantly improved.

Applications for Wrekin SX Grid

  • Paved and unpaved roads
  • Railways and ports
  • Working platforms on weak sub-soils
  • Parking and paved areas
  • Multi-layer applications

E'Grid 40/40 Grid Spec Sheet

Full Description

Our biaxial geogrids interlock together and are designed to provide ground superior ground stabilisation and reinforcement.

• Excellent soil and aggregate confinement
• Effective reinforcement
• Cost-effective design component
• High tensile strength
• Main applications
• Unpaved roads
• Construction projects

Why choose Wrekin?

Wrekin design, manufacture and supply a full range of ductile iron access solutions, steel access covers from pressed steel for domestic use, fabricated products for commercial and industrial use, through to highly specialised bespoke access systems for utilities.

Wrekin have delivered top quality results for the past 40 years. Their extensive selection of geosynthetic solutions plays a crucial part in numerous construction, civil, and marine engineering projects in the UK and beyond, contributing to ground stabilisation, reinforcement, erosion control, drainage, and environmental considerations.

Tensile strength (MD) EN ISO 10319 40kN/m

Tensile strength (CMD) EN ISO 10319 40kN/m

Tensile load (2% strain) (MD) EN ISO 10319 14.5kN/m

Tensile load (2% CMD) EN ISO 10319 15kN/m

Tensile load (5% strain (MD) EN ISO 10319 28kN/m

Tensile load (5% CMD) EN ISO 10319 29kN/m

Aperture opening size 37mm x 37mm

Technical Specification

Material: Polypropylene

Width (mm): 4m

Length (mm): 30m

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