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Glass reinforced cement headwall - 300mm cut out with galvanised steel grate

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£250.80 (£209.00 ex VAT)
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Features and Benefits

• Low maintanence
• Longevity
• Various sizes available
• Cost effective solution

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Full Description

Headwalls are an integrated wall located at either end of drainage pipe or a stream crossing structure. A wall built at a pipe inlet is a headwall.

The strength and durability of precast concrete headwalls preserves the surrounding environment by minimising erosion at the outfall connection.

Precast headwalls are an important part of most SUDS drainage schemes, preventing erosion at the point of discharge into watercourses such as attenuation ponds, detention basins, rivers and ditches.

Can be pre-fitted with closed coupled and cranked gratings
Various sizes available each with various height options
Prefabricated off-site under factory conditions
Reinforced and strong so can resist erosion
Can be installed at a fraction of the cost of an in-situ unit with no on-site shuttering or formwork required
Greatly reduced installation time on site (minimising on-site labour and costs)
No or minimal on-site fabrication
Low maintenance
Offer a design specific solution
Cost effective solution
Dig out sufficiently to allow the headwall flanges to finish flush with the batter. Take the outfall pipe (minimum length 1.5m of rigid impervious pipe) and slide it though the headwall so that it protrudes approximately 50mm. Make a good connection with the land drain and seal by returning approximately 150mm of soil into the trench and consolidating. Unravel the string and draw the anchor back along the trench as the rest of the backfilling is completed.

Technical Specification

Cut out: 300mm

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