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Geoweb Tree Root Protection

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This Greenfix Geoweb Tree Root Protection is designed to redistribute the vehicle load from from vertical to lateral which protects the tree roots and allows the tree to survive. As the UK continues to expand its urban areas, it is essential to implement protection such as Geoweb, to give the tree roots space to grow whilst also allowing traffic to pass over them. 

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Full Description

This Geoweb Tree Root Protection by Greenfix provides an excellent solution to urbanised areas where tree roots need to be protected against traffic. This product reduces the impact on tree roots by redirecting the load laterally which reduces compaction and damage.

A Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) is a designated area around a tree or group of trees where development or disturbance is limited to protect the health and well-being of the tree.

Why is it important to protect tree roots?

- Roots absorb water and essential nutrients from the soil, which are necessary for the tree's growth and survival. Damage to roots can affect a tree's ability to absorb these resources, leading to stunted growth, reduced vigour, and increased susceptibility to pests and diseases.

- Roots provide stability and anchorage to trees, preventing them from falling over during high winds or heavy rain. Damage to roots can weaken the tree's stability, making it more susceptible to uprooting.

- Tree roots help maintain the soil structure by preventing erosion, promoting aeration, and improving soil fertility. Damage to roots can alter the soil structure, leading to reduced soil fertility, compaction, and erosion.

- Trees provide numerous environmental benefits, such as carbon sequestration, air purification, and habitat creation for wildlife. Damage to roots can affect these benefits, leading to reduced ecosystem services.

Technical Specification

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