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6 Person Ecoflo Septic Tank Conversion Kit/Wastewater Treatment System

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£4,735.53 (£3,946.28 ex VAT)
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£4,735.53 (£3,946.28 ex VAT)


  • Zero energy required for treatment
  • No energy bills or ongoing running costs
  • 24/7 autonomous operation
  • Fully renewable and compostable filter
  • Can cope with periods of fluctuating usage
  • Silent and odourless
  • Plug and play design
  • No full system replacements
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Conforms to BS EN12566-3 for secondary treatment
  • Conforms to BS EN12566-7 for tertiary treatment


  • Mill 3SR primary Tank
  • Ecoflo 6 
  • 4 Risers
  • Sample Chamber 
  • 2 Risers for Sample Chamber

    Full Description

    If your domestic property can’t connect to the main sewage network or it is impractical to do so, you may need a packaged sewage treatment plant. The Ecoflo wastewater treatment system, from Premier Tech Water and Environment, is a revolutionary solution that treats wastewater using no energy. It will allow you to save money on operating costs, it adds value to your property, and it helps protect the environment for generations to come.

    The Ecoflo system uses an innovative and fully renewable coconut husk fragment-based filtering media to provide secondary or tertiary treatment of wastewater. Simply connect the Ecoflo system to your existing septic tank to adhere to the 2020 General Binding Rules, or to a sewage treatment plant to improve the quality of your final effluent. You can also install the Ecoflo system as part of a new, sustainable, wastewater treatment solution.

    Secondary treatment results
    • COD: 59mg/L (92.2% removal)
    • BOD: 5.4mg/L (98.2% removal)
    • TSS: 5.2mg/L (98.5% removal)
    • NH4-N: 5.5 mg/L (91.1% removal)
    Tertiary treatment results:
    • COD: 34.8mg/L (41% removal)
    • BOD: 2.4mg/L (56% removal)
    • TSS: 1.2mg/L (77% removal)
    • NH4-N: 2.5 mg/L (54% removal)

    Larger Ecoflo systems can be supplied for a population of up to 200 people if required.

    Technical Specification

    Nominal Hydraulic load (l/day): 900

    No. of people: 6

    Outlet: Gravity

    Inlet Invert: 700mm

    Installation Service

    We can also offer an installation service for our stormwater attenuation, rainwater harvesting, water storage and sewage treatment solutions. Get in touch here.

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