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5,300 L Rewatec vertical pump station (RVPS)

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Simple and quick to install, the Rewatec range of compact pump stations are ideal for
raising effluent, sewage, surface water and wastewater in areas where a gravity discharge is unachievable. They are suitable for properties of up to 35 people and come with a single 80mm pump and a control panel with an alarm as standard.

Optional extras: Additional float switch, Large GRP Kiosk

Owners manual and installation guide

Rewatec Pump Station Data Sheet

Full Description

Features and benefits:

• Quick and easy to install
• Lightweight design
• Leak-proof
• Robust GRP shells
• Plug and play
• Low maintenance
• Protects against noise and odour
• Highly reliable
• Non return valve(s) fitted as standard
• Isolation valve fitted as standard
• FACTA A galvanised steel frame and cover
• Variable inlet position (100 or 150mm)
• Lifting points for pump positioning
• 25 year warranty

Bespoke pump stations available upon request


• Residential properties and developments
• Community development
• Small commercial developments
• Schools
• Leisure facilities
• Caravan sites

Technical Specification

Capacity (litres): 5,300 Litres

Height (mm): 3,500mm

Diameter: 1,500mm

Material: GRP

Product Details

Diameter (mm): 1,500mm

Height (mm): 3,500mm

Weight (kg):

Capacity (litres): 5,300 Litres

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We also offer an installation service for our stormwater attenuation, rainwater harvesting, water storage and sewage treatment solutions.

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