4 Person Marsh Microbe Sewage Treatment Plant (Gravity)

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This Marsh Ensign Microbe Sewage Treatment Plant can handle up to four people’s wastewater. The Shallow Ensign:Standard sewage treatment plant is widely regarded as one of the most dependable and cost-effective sewage treatment plants currently available. This product is fitted with a gravity outlet.

Full Description

The new micro range of products from Marsh Industries, are primarily designed for small houses.

The Marsh Microbe mini sewage treatment plant is designed for lodges, caravans, workshops and domestic dwellings up to 4PE.
As with our ENsign range, Package Sewage Treatment Plants are often a suitable option where groundwater in the surrounding environment is vulnerable, drainage field percolation values are restrictive, or direct discharge to watercourse or surface water sewer is the preferred discharge method.

It is designed to BSEN12566:3 to comply with the latest environmental and Building Regulations requirements
Will treat effluent to a minimum quality of 20:30:20 (BOD:SS:NH4) to ensure discharges are within national consent standards
Compact design to ease the handling, access and installation
Low energy compressor ensures minimal running, maintenance and servicing costs

Technical Specification

No. of people: 4

Height (mm): 1575mm

Outlet: Gravity

Outlet Invert: 600mm

Inlet Invert: 540mm

Width (mm): 1332mm

Length (mm): 1600mm

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