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300TE Series SILTBLOK - Silt Trap Chamber

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This new product offers an effective filtration system for use within inspection chambers, to collect silt and dirt without compromising the flow of water. It is specifically designed for housing developments with multiple connections, which could be from areas such as driveways roofs and paving. 

The 300TE Siltblok BLOK filter is made from 100% recycled plastic, mostly from plastic bottles.

Basket capacity is 7.5kg. It comes with 4 x 110mm EN1401 spigot pipe connections - 3 x inlets and a main outlet. 

Filters Total Suspended Solids (TSS) including silt up to 30μm (0.03mm)

View the product data sheet here. 

Full Description

The Siltblok 300 TE is a brand new product in the innovative Siltblok range. It's innovative design helps to mitigate the flow of dirt and debris from entering the main drainage system.

The BLOK is manufactured from 100% recycled materials, mainly from plastic bottles. This not only makes it a highly effective product, but a sustainable one too.

The BLOK operates within the rotational moulded chamber, and is sold as a complete unit.

The filter is designed to separate the dirt and debris, whilst allowing the water to flow through easily. The BLOK is non-corrosive and extremely hard-wearing, which will provide drainage maintenance for over 50 years.

- Made from recycled materials
- Helps to reduce silt from entering the main drainage system
- Suitable for housing developments with multiple connection points
- Lifespan 50+ years
- Simple removal for cleaning and emptying
- Filters Total Suspended Solids (TSS) including silt up to 30μm (0.03mm)

Technical Specification

Weight (kg): 10.5kg

Outlet: 110mm

Outlet Invert: 725mm

Inlet/Outlet: 110mm x 3 & 1 main outlet

Inlet Invert: 575mm

Silt Capacity (litres): Total suspended solids up to 0.03mm

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