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225mm End Cap (Marley Quantum)

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This 225mm Marley Quantum end cap is used on the end of a piece of pipe to prevent debris and other materials from entering the drainage system. This helps to keep the system functioning efficiently without blockages.

We are approved stockists of Marley Quantum fully adoptable sewer pipe and fittings, including bends, junctions, couplers and more. 

This product is certified to BS EN 13476-3.

Full Description

This 225mm end cap by Marley Quantum is used on the end of a piece of pipe to prevent debris and other materials from invading the drainage system. This helps to keep the system functioning properly without blockages. The flow of wastewater is uninterrupted which improves the efficiency of the system.

At Cotterills, we supply everything you need for your fully adoptable sewage system. This includes end caps, couplers, sewer pipe, junctions, bends and more.

Why choose Marley Quantum?

We stock a wide selection of Marley Quantum fully adoptable sewer pipe and fittings, ideal for most underground drainage applications. These are available in a variety of sizes, to suit your project requirements. Marley Quantum sewer pipe and associated products are manufactured from PVCu pipe which is a high performance alternative to traditional clay pipe for the following reasons.

Marley Quantum sewer pipe is made from flexible PVCu which means that the use of rockers may not be necessary, unlike with clay pipe. It is incredibly durable, as the product is stronger than clay pipe, and can withstand volatile environments. In addition, this pipe is corrosion-resistant making it high performing in a variety of underground applications.

PVCu is ultra-lightweight, making it easy to lift and straight-forward to install. PVCu is 94% lighter than other clay pipe alternatives, meaning there's lower labour costs in the installation process.

This also makes the process of transporting the goods more environmentally friendly, as the products weigh significantly less than clay pipe. This reduces the amount of CO2 produced by transporting these products.

Technical Specification

Pipe Size (mm): 150mm

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