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225mm - 150mm Reducer (Marley Quantum)

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This reducer is designed to change the size of the pipe required for adoptable underground drainage systems. It can change a 225mm pipe to a 150mm pipe and vice versa. This is beneficial as it allows different sized pipes to be used within the system, to utilise space and flow. 

We are proud stockists of Marley Quantum fully adoptable sewer pipe and fittings. 

This product is certified to BS EN 13476-3.

Full Description

This 225mm-150mm reducer allows for pipes of different sizes to be connected together within adoptable underground drainage systems.

It is useful for projects with varying space allocations, as it means that a larger pipe can be used to the main sewer, and a smaller pipe for a branch diverting in another direction. It also means that the flow rate remains controlled throughout the system, despite using pipes of different sizes.

We stock a range of adoptable sewer pipe, bends, junctions and fittings suitable for a range of drainage applications.

Why choose Marley Quantum?

We provide the full range of Marley Quantum fully adoptable sewer pipe and fittings. These products are made from PVCu pipe which is an excellent alternative to traditional clay pipe for many reasons.

Marley quantum sewer pipe is highly flexible which means that the use of rockers may not be necessary. It is incredibly durable, which extends the lifespan of the product, particularly in comparison with clay pipe. In addition, this pipe is resistant to corrosion making it an effective product in a variety of applications.

PVCu is lightweight in nature, making it easy to handle and efficient to install. This material is 94% lighter than other clay pipe alternatives, meaning labour costs are lower in the installation process.

This also makes the transportation process better for the environment as the products weigh significantly less than clay pipe. This reduces the amount of CO2 produced by transporting these products.

Technical Specification

Pipe Size (mm): 225mm - 150mm

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