225 Person Marsh Ultra Polylok Sewage Treatment Plant (Gravity)

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Marsh Ultra Polylok commercial sewage treatment plants 

The units are ideally suited for large residential, commercial, industrial and leisure sites – particularly where onerous consent standards preclude the use of standard ‘off the shelf’ units.

T reliability of the simple but effective Submerged Aeration Filtration (SAF-MBBR) system offers both operating and financial benefits when compared to more complex alternatives that require frequent servicing and maintenance to sustain performance.

225 Ultra Polylok Drawing

    Full Description

    This is a Marsh Ultra Polylok Sewage Treatment Plant (Gravity) suitable for up to 225 people. The plants provide advanced biological treatment to off-mains wastewater on sites ranging from 50-1000PE.

    Features and Benefits

    •Plant sizing- Bespoke design with optional tank sizes ranging from Ø1.9-3m satisfies the demands of site conditions. Each option is the same price.

    •Class-leading effluent quality - 20:30:20mg/ltr (BOD:suspended solids:ammonia) effluent quality ensures discharge is well within national consent standards. Improved effluent quality to meet tighter consent standards can be achieved by Gaia design.

    •Heavy duty shell as standard- Structurally sound and built to last. Enables installation in all ground conditions.

    •High media surface area- High specification bio-media (310m3 per m2) and membrane diffusers provide even circulation to eliminate ‘dead spots’.

    •Eco-friendly process control- Energy-efficient, economical and flexible process control for minimal running, maintenance and servicing costs (see pages 24-25).

    For sites that do not need the ability to regulate process control, Marsh can offer diaphragm compressors for sewage treatment plants up to 150PE

    •Internal recirculation- Continues the treatment process to provide higher effluent quality whilst balancing flow over 24 hour period or periods of intermittent use.

    •Polylok tertiary filter - All plants fitted with the patented Polylok tertiary filter to reduce suspended solids in the final effluent by a further 35%, whilst also reducing residual BOD and Ammonia levels.

    •Carbon covers (optional)- 600mm carbon covers provide significant strength and durability, and helps to reduce possible odours.

    •Optional extras- Optional extras include extensions for deep installations, pumped outlets for sites with adverse levels, sample chambers, Degrilleur trash barriers, phosphate reduction and UV treatment chambers.

    Why purchase Marsh?

    Marsh sewage treatment solutions offer both operating and financial benefits when compared to more complex and expensive alternatives that require frequent servicing and maintenance to sustain performance.

    The unique Gaia Sege process design software uses core information to accurately calculate and tailor key variables, ensuring total optimisation for individual applications.

    These precise calculations provide assurance to consultants, engineers, specifiers and contractors that the system is specifically designed to meet the appropriate standards of regulatory bodies.

    Technical Specification

    No. of people: 225

    Height (mm): 3,100mm

    Diameter: 2.5m

    Outlet: Gravity

    Outlet Invert: 1000mm

    Inlet/Outlet: 160mm

    Inlet Invert: 900mm

    Width (mm): 2,500mm

    Length (mm): 11,360mm

    Outlet Type: Gravity

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