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144mm-160mm/110-122mm AC1602 Adapter Coupling

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144mm-160mm / 110mm-122mm Fernco AC1602 Adapter Coupling

Ideal for connecting pipes of different outside diameters.

This product can provide a reliable result with a variation of pipe materials, making it highly versatile and appropriate for a wide type of projects. 


Full Description

This 144mm-160mm / 110mm-122mm Fernco AC1602 Adapter Coupling is ideal for connecting pipes of different outside diameters.

It provides a quick and efficient method of connecting pipes of different materials and outside diameters.

It is a lower cost alternative to using Bushes and is suitable for use on any pipe material.

Why Choose Fernco?
Fernco are leading specialists in drainage products, helping to find sewage and water solutions which have been shipped and implemented around the world.

They focus on providing practical and effective solutions through their extensive range of products. Fernco pride themselves on being a company that strives to solve problems in an innovative way. In addition, they have a ‘sustainability roadmap’ to develop their business and products to be better for the environment.

Features & Benefits
- There is a threshold of diameter sizes for each end of the Adaptor which means this product can be applicable in a wide range of uses.
- It is a cost-effective alternative to using a Bush product
- It can be used to connect pipes which are made from varying materials which also increases its versatility

Technical Specification

Height (mm): 180mm

Diameter: 122mm-160mm

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