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1000 Litre SG1 Silt Guardian

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The SG1 silt separator, sister to the class 1 bypass separator, belongs to the silt guardian range by Oaklands Environmental. Equipped with a lightweight foam filter, it efficiently sieves sediment particles larger than 0.3mm and holds them for an easy removal when needed. Offering additional convenience, the filter cartridge features an overflow channel to address potential blockages.

Manufactured from Polyethylene for a lightweight and compact design. The silt guardian range offers versatility and is suitable for multiple applications. 

The SG1 silt separator  is well-suited for installation in drainage areas of up to 5500 sqm. 

Key Applications:

  • Roads and Highways
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Commercial Developments
  • Residential Areas

 Delivery to England mainland and Wales only.

SG1 Silt Guardian Data Sheet



Full Description

Through similar functions of the bypass separator design, the silt separator intercepts silts and sediments upstream of storm attenuation systems. Operating as a filtration system, the SG1 temporarily stores water, allowing unwanted materials to settle on the bottom of the unit. This effectively prevents the unwanted materials from entering into your water storage systems.

Specifically, in residential areas, these systems contribute to effective stormwater management as it prevents clogging and enhances flow rate of drainage systems. Also suitable for domestic or commercial developments, the SG1 is equally applicable in vehicle washdown areas.

Key Benefits:

- Improved water quality
- Protection of stormwater systems
- Prevention of environmental contamination
- Enhanced flow rates
- Versatility

In summary , the installation of a silt separator provides a range of environmental, regulatory, and practical benefits for many varied industries. This product contributes to sustainable and responsible water and land management practices.


Waste that develops from vehicle washing and cleaning businesses, may be referred to as ‘ contaminated waste’. In that instant, there is a duty of care to responsibly dispose/ recycle through a professional and registered waste carrier. This waste should be disposed in a suitably licensed facility.

Technical Specification

Height (mm): 1965

Diameter: 1260

Material: HDPE, Polyethylene

Model: SG1

Inlet/Outet Pipework: 625

Inlet Invert: 650/685/720/760

Silt Capacity (litres): 1000

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