Ultra tough, virtually indestructible crop conditioning system

After working hard all year to produce the best crops, the last thing you want is for them to spoil in storage.

Highly stable

50mm diameter base unit will stand firm on a level floor whilst you allow the crop to build up around it. Each unit will support a 3 metre extension. We can further improve stability with a 600mm x 600mm base plate.

Allow 1000 CFM airflow

Manufactured from HDPE twin wall pipe which has slots that allow 1000 CFM airflow.

Optional Geotextile wrap

The optional feature “Crop Sock” is a Geotextile wrap that will prevent the ingress of small crops such as oilseed rape.

Helps Prevent

Help to prevent mould, insect damage and hot spots.

NaylorCool 300x213 Pedestal Image

Heights Available

Depending on how deep you store your crop we have 2 height options of 3.4 metres and 4.4 metres. The 450mm base makes up the first 1.2 metres, then a reducing cone that takes the size from 450mm down to 150mm takes up another 0.2 metres and then a choice of 2 metre or 3 metre x 150mm extensions make up the remaining height.