Lagoons Installation

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of lagoons but we can also install them too. Our team of specialists will manage the complete process for you from the design, supply and complete construction of your lagoon.

At Cotterill Civils, we have over 25 years of experience in rural construction and have extensive experience in constructing lagoons for our customers. Our installation teams are ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 compliant.

Types of Lagoons

We design, supply and install a range of lagoons using specialised materials depending upon your requirement.

Stormwater Attenuation Lagoons

Stormwater attenuation lagoons are seen as a best-practice method of controlling the flow of stormwater runoff. They are designed to prevent flooding by controlling the amount of stormwater that is released into the environment at any given time. When a storm event occurs, the lagoons fill up and store large volumes of rainwater temporarily, which is then gradually released.

Water Storage Lagoons

A water storage lagoon is also known as a farm pond or water storage pond. It provides farmers with a cost-effective way to store large volumes of water for purposes such as the irrigation of crops or to feed their cattle. The ponds can also be used for a variety of other purposes, including irrigation of crops, water to feed animals, aquaculture, recreation purposes etc.

Slurry Storage Lagoons

Lagoon liners provide a cost-effective and compliant means to contain agricultural waste on farms. Slurry is a fantastic resource for farmers. Made from a mixture of manure and water, it’s a natural and nutritious fertiliser that helps grass and other crops to thrive. Its storage is governed by various legislation, such as the SSAFO regulations and OSR Wales.

Why choose us to install?

Trading for almost 30 years, we’ve built up a reputation for our excellent service, dedicated team and expertise. Time and time again our customers tell us they like working with us because we share the same core values as them – hard-working, friendly, professional and honest.

7 year workmanship guarantee

The quality of our work is what makes us stand out. We’re so confident in this fact that we’ve extended our guarantee from 5 to 7 years.

Excellent customer service

Delivering an excellent customer service is paramount to what we do. We’ve built up a reputation for being friendly, professional and 100% reliable.

100% compliant solutions

Be rest assured that we’ll devise a solution right for you and our work is carried out in accordance with relevant regulations, legislations and codes of practice.

Some of our work

Construction of a stormwater attenuation lagoon at Aston Villa’s training ground

O’Brien Contractors, the multi-award-winning civil engineering and groundwork contractor, had been appointed to work on the latest phase of Aston Villa’s new training ground. They contacted us in regards to a stormwater attenuation solution for this project. After careful analysis, it was agreed that we would construct as well as supply the detention basin by creating an attenuation lagoon…