Horse Arena Construction

We supply a wide range of geo-textiles and land drainage, essential for the construction of horse arenas. They provide long-lasting performance and durability in all types of equestrian arenas, horse arenas and dressage arenas.

Our Geotextile Membranes

Our equestrian membrane is suitable for all horse arenas and can withstand heavy weights, multiple horses, and galloping. Manufactured with the use of state-of-the-art equipment and technology, our equestrian surfaces comply with all relevant safety regulations to the highest standards.

Our geotextiles have been developed to provide long-lasting performance in all types of equestrian arenas and gallops and are compatible with all types of riding surfaces, including silica sands. Also, deliver the strength and reliability required for any arena or gallop regardless of size or the intensity of use the arena receives.

Woven or non-woven membrane?

Both the woven base membranes and the non-woven riding membranes are paramount to creating the ideal riding environment.

A woven membrane serves as the foundation of the riding surface in a horse menage. Its primary purpose is to provide stability, ensure even weight distribution and prevent subsoil contamination.

A non-woven riding membrane is the layer that directly impacts the comfort and performance of the horse and rider. This membrane is designed to provide cushioning, shock absorption, and resilience, creating a forgiving and consistent riding surface.

Sizing the correct geotextile membrane involves considering factors such as the intended application, site conditions, soil type, and expected loads.

To select the appropriate geotextile membrane, you should determine the required strength, permeability, and durability based on the site's conditions and intended use. This involves conducting a thorough site analysis, including soil testing and understanding the expected loads and stresses on the membrane. To find out more on sizing your membrane read our blog.

• Lightweight and easy to install

• Save time and money

• Improves performance and lifespan by providing strength and stability

• Small pore size prevents clogging

• Increases flow rates for drainage


GSM stands for grams per square metre. This refers to the fabrics weight essentially, so there are heavier and lighter options that suit different project specifications.

We supply different strengths for different requirements, from 160 GSM with little puncture resistance and low tensile strength to very strong membranes of 300 GSM with a high puncture resistance and high tensile strength making it much more robust so can be used for extreme uses.


Light Intensity Medium Intensity High Intensity Extreme Uses

160 GSM

200 GSM

300 GSM

600 GSM

Do I require land drainage?

The drainage system is just as important for the construction of a horse menage. There is no point having an expensive surface if corners have been cut with the drainage.

A typical menage drainage system consists of a series of trenches containing perforated pipe. The trenches are then backfilled with gravel to prevent fines entering the drainage system and blocking pipework.


What are the benefits of land drainage?

  • Prevents water accumlation and surface issues
  • Maintains stable and consistent riding conditions for horse and rider
  • Extends the lifespan of your horse menage
  • Promotes healthier poasture and horse well-being

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