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Biobeds are becoming increasingly popular with UK farmers as a means to treat chemical run off from pesticides and other agricultural chemicals, preventing pollution to local watercourses.

Typically used by farmers to prevent contamination from sprayer washings, biobeds provide an ideal solution as they’re easy to create and require little maintenance when in place.

At Cotterill Civils, we supply a range of specialist membranes for biobeds. We can also design, construct and install a biobed to suit your needs and budget. Our installation team has over 25 years of experience in rural construction and are ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 compliant.

What is a biobed?

A biobed is a mixture of peat free compost, soil and straw (biomix) covered with turf that is then placed in a lined pit. They are used as a way to degrade pesticides and stop them getting into watercourses.

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Why choose our liners and membranes?

  • Our liners can be made bespoke to fit your biobed shape and design.
  • Our liners are impermeable ensuring that your pesticide doesn’t leak into the surrounding ground.
  • Our geotextile membranes to be placed on top of your biobed are permeable allowing for the water and pesticides to drain into the biomix.
  • Our geotextiles are strong, robust and durable – made from polypropylene tapes they have a high tensile strength and are made with advanced weaving technology.

Our installation service

Not only can we provide the membrane, we can install the whole biobed system. From the biobed hole being dug to the concrete needed to fill it and then the liner and geomembranes on top – we can provide it all.  

Our experts can provide a bespoke package for you to suit all your needs and work with you in understanding what you need from your biobed.

Why choose us to install?

Trading for almost 30 years, we’ve built up a reputation for our excellent service, dedicated team and expertise. Time and time again our customers tell us they like working with us because we share the same core values as them – hard-working, friendly, professional and honest.

3 year workmanship guarantee

The quality of our work is what makes us stand out. We’re so confident in this fact that we’ve extended our guarantee to 3 years.

Excellent customer service

Delivering an excellent customer service is paramount to what we do. We’ve built up a reputation for being friendly, professional and 100% reliable.

100% compliant solutions

We adhere to high levels of complicance. We hold accreditations to give you peace of mind of our compliant installation.

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