Adoptable HS® Sewer Pipe

The cost saving alternative to clay sewer pipes – A light-weight, push-fit and high-performance uPVC sewer pipe system.


What is HS Sewer Pipe?

A light-weight, push-fit and high-performance uPVC sewer pipe system.

This innovative product is a cost saving alternative to clay and concrete adoptable sewer networks. Manufactured from uPVC, this modern light-weight sewer and drainage pipe system is strong, durable and much faster to install than traditional clay pipe systems.

More and more contractors are now choosing to use HS® Pipe over clay pipe for adoptable and non-adoptable sewer schemes due to its cost saving and ease of installation benefits. The system has also been accepted for use by a number of UK water companies.

Cost saving

Offers significant cost savings in materials, labour & plant, when compared to installing clay or concrete. It is also a fraction of the price.

Faster to install

Due to the lightweight nature of this product it is far easier to work with on site. Less machinery and plant equipment is also required to move it around.

Easy to handle and transport

The lightweight nature of this product makes it much easier to handle and transport than significantly heavier clay pipe systems

Accepted by water companies

A number of water companies have already accepted its use, including Anglian Water, Northumbrian Water Ltd (reviewed on a job-by-job basis), Severn Trent, Southern Water and Wessex Water.

Low risk to personal injury

The light-weight nature of this product means there is a reduced risk of injury when installing in comparison to clay pipes.

Rigid and robust

Manufactured in uPVC, this product is durable and resistant to tree root intrusion.

A revolutionary alternative to clay sewer pipe systems

This solid-wall HS® Pipe system offers you a high-strength, high-performance uPVC system with the added benefits of significant Health & Safety advantages and tangible cost-reduction.

All fittings clearly marked

All pipes and fittings are clearly marked to allow easy identification.

The permanent markings include the standard, the area of use, the name of the manufacturer, the wall thickness, the nominal diameter, the material, the stiffness class and additional manufacturer data as needed.

The DN/OD 110mm – 315mm HS® drainage pipes are manufactured as plain ended with chamfered spigots. The ridge construction of the double coupler provides an additional safety benefit: the click against the coupler ridge from the spigot end can be clearly heard and is a sign of the correct installation. The pipes and fittings are pressure tested to 2.5 bar so that they can also be used in high water table areas.


Resistant to root intrusion

The HS® range is resistant to tree root intrusion, preventing damage after its installation.

Drainage pipe systems installed in housing development areas should be able to permanently resist root intrusion. This is the only way to prevent environmental impairments and incurring restoration costs as a result of the damage caused. The analysis of a unique simulated ‘in-pot’ experiment conducted by Rhineland Chamber of Agriculture in the Horticultural Centre in Essen, Germany over a period of more than 10 years between 1996 and 2007, proved that HS® pipes and fittings are totally resistant to root intrusion.

See HS® pipe in action

Funke Connex® Saddles

Funke Connex® Saddles are WRc approved and come with 90° adjustable socket 0-11° for PVC Pipes.

Connex® junctions are for the lateral connection of 160/200mm PVC sewer pipes into larger diameter main PVC sewer pipes (Such as HS® pipes and EN 1401 pipes).

Funke HS® Demarcation Control Chambers

HS® Demarcation chambers is WRc approved and allows quick and easy access to private sewers and drainage networks.

SFA7 requires the installation of an approved lateral drain demarcation chamber within 1 metre of the property boundary (preferably in the driveway) on any new build property where the final connection to the public adoptable sewer is outside the property boundary. The purpose of the chamber is to delineate the change of ownership between the private and the public sewer systems. The demarcation chamber will allow inspection of the condition of the pipework and the house connection at anytime without maintenace personnel requiring access to private property.

The HS®demarcation chamber is suitable for inspecting, rodding and jetting and can be utilised to carry out air tests. The double swept 45° angle of the T section base unit provides easy access for CCTV cameras in both directions.

Funke Fabekun® Saddles

Funke Fabekun® Saddles are WRc approved and come with 90° adjustable socket 0-13° for Concrete/Clay Pipes.

Fabekun® junctions are for the lateral connection of plastic sewer pipes into concrete pipes in accordance with BS5911 and vitrified clay pipes in accordance with BS EN 295. Approved by all UK water companies.

VPC® Couplings

The Funke VPC® Pipe Coupling allows pipes of the same nominal diameters made of different materials to be connected to one another safely, reliably, and with the best possible results.

The Funke VPC® Pipe Coupling consists of a reducible sealing sleeve made of elastomer rubber, a centrically reducible securing cage made of plastic and two stainless-steel bands for applying force to achieve a uniform circumferential adjustment. This makes connecting on to clay or concrete a nice, simple task.

Why use HS® Pipe rather than clay pipe?

If you could use a light-weight, push-fit, high-spec, uPVC system instead of heavy, awkward clay pipes, would you? That’s the question many of our customers have been asking themselves when considering our HS® Pipe range. Whilst clay sewer pipes are still an excellent choice, this product offers a number of additional benefits that can out-weigh traditional clay.

The solid-wall HS® Pipe system offers major Health & Safety advantages for installers, plus significant cost savings in materials, labour & plant, when compared to installing clay or concrete. The ease of handling and the subsequent reduction in plant and machinery, make the HS® range a very safe and economical adoptable sewer system.

In summary, when compared to clay drainage and sewer pipe systems, its benefits include:

  • Faster to install
  • Light-weight, rigid and robust
  • Easy to handle and transport
  • Cost saving
  • Low risk of personal injury
  • Simple to install
  • WIS 4-35-01 certified for jetting
  • Oil resistant push-fit ting-seal fittings
  • Less plant, fuel and labour

Available Sizes

The HS® range is available in a variety of diameters from 110mm to 800mm and a range of pipe lengths.

Delivered in a dark-brown colour to suit surroundings, all HS® Pipe pipes and fittings have been expertly pressure tested to 2.5 bar, making the entire range suitable for installation in high water table locations. The fittings include an integral secure FE® sealing ring. These are designed to withstand heavy loads and can be installed at depths up to 6.0m. On pipes from 200mm upwards, there is a unique inner wall marking continuously on the axis at a 120° angle. This permanent embossed engraving enables important pipe-related data such as manufacturer, nominal width, ring stiffness and production date to be read years after installation.

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